Pixel Warfare 5

Pixel Warfare 5 – now a tiny bit your own game. Literally! The fifth sequel of the game is a landmark in several aspects. Primarily, it is a game, which you may personally change and build it together with us. All channels and their invention is on your hands now via an integrated map editor allowing creating new maps in addition to edditing existing maps. All is very straightforward and intuitive. Maps are linked to an individual’s accounts, so there is possible to construct and improve them for a long time. In the moment, when you pick not only to build maps, but also play with them, you can start a room on your map or enter different and look what others have generated. If you enjoy any alien map, simply press “download map” button and the map will be included among the listing of your own maps. The second novelty is that the fact, that current condition permits us working on the sport for a longer period and deliver many updates and improvements later on. With time, we could remove all common problems of multiplayer matches and include attributes based on your wishes. In addition to news, the game is already traditionally made at a pixel minecraft mode, offers 10 weapons, 3 gaming modes (Team DeathMatch, DeathMatch, Zombies disease), extensive setup options as well as low filesize ensuring fast loading. We have received already many feedback from Pixel Warfare 4, largely negative :-LRB-, but we took it in our core and were thinking. Although this fifth part isn’t a copy of the second sequel, we expect that this time the comments will be a tiny bit better. Have fun.

Pixel Warfare 5 is a shooting game manufactured on the flash web. If you’re a fan of this shooter genre and enjoy the images style of this minecraft game series, this is certainly a game you can not ignore.

The first quality of the game is that all shapes from character to weapon, terrain in the game are made of pixels.

The next characteristic of the game is that this is an internet game and you have to deal directly with other players like you.

The third characteristic is that you can make your own maps and encourage people to fight in it, but this feature requires you to login.

The final attribute is that the game lets you select the tournament search area, using a total of 5 different areas including America, Europe, Asia, Japan and Australia.

In the room section, you might even select options such as the deactivate weapon in the match, the most number of players, the sort of room you play with. There are 3 types of room, then Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and Zombie.

When entering the game, you’ll be equipped with an assortment of weapons like knives, pistols, machine guns, shotguns … even hand! Along with the paths will be quite diverse terrain, from the stairs leading up to the buildings the tiles to conceal to the huge pool beneath…. Your job in the game is straightforward, that is kill as many enemies as you can.

The game also offers other elements such as Pixel Warfare 3, Pixel Warfare 4 and there are also other similar games that you play like .io Games, Strike of War, Strike Force Heroes, My Buddy Pedro…

How To Play:
Use the mouse to aim and click the left mouse to shoot.

Tips and Tricks:

Shooting in the head will cause additional damage.
The bullet path will only be relatively accurate but not absolute.
Based on the type of gun, distinct shocks will influence the deviation of the bullet trail.


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